The 345 Triangle

The 345 Triangle

One of the most famous triangles is the 345 triangle. It is also known as Egyptian Triangle.

Mystically, the upright side, the perpendicular, is likened to the male; the base to the female and the hypotenuse to the child of both.

These names were assigned according to specific criteria: the upright side (3) is likened to the “male,” the Father Osiris. The horizontal base (4) is related to the “female,” the Mother Isis, and the hypotenuse (5) corresponds to the Son, Horus. The first is the “origin,” the second is the “recipient,” and the Son is the “result.”

So, Ausar [Osiris] may be regarded as the origin, Auset [Isis] as the recipient, and Heru [Horus] as perfected result. The short side of the right angle triangle is named “Ausar,” which corresponds to Osiris, the Father. The longer side is named “Auset,” corresponding to Isis, the Mother. And finally, the hypotenuse is called “Heru,” or Horus, the Son.

Additionally, Ptah and Ausar were combined in Egyptian Mythology, and both Ptah as Ausar, and Horus are present as the upright and hypotenuse of the 345 triangle ratio represented by Ausar, Aset, and Heru respectively. 

We can see the use pf the 345 triangle in the Kings chamber.

In some tombs in Egypt we found the very 345 triangle depicted with two of their sides represented by a serpent, the phython, a symbol of hidden knowledge:

Notice that the height of the triangle (the height of the pyramid, hidden in the center, like the axis) is often associated with a female figure, like Isis or Miriam. The throne of Isis is sometimes depicted with a rectangular box similar to the geometrical figure employed in the proof of the Pythagorean theorem:

The Jesus Triangle

Jesus Christ is not only a solar deity, but he incorporates the most important rule of the sacred geometry used by astronomers to measure and by architects to build: The Pythagorean Theorem.

In his name the gnostics in Alexandria encoded the sacred Pythagorean triangle: 3, 4, 5. The name Jesus Christ is the riddle. Jesus and Christ are two of the three sides of a right triangle, and to solve the riddle you must find the third word, the lost word, that represents gematrically the third side of the triangle.

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It has long been suspected that this theorem, and the proof of this theorem, existed thousands of years before Pythagoras is said to have been born. 

Evidence that the Babylonians had knowledge of Pythagorean Triples is available on the artifact (Plimpton 322), which contains tables inscribed with Pythagorean Triples. 

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Mathematics and the 345 Triangle

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